Finland Urban Bee Guardianship Presentation

Later that afternoon, Corwin and Karen were chaperoned in black embassy suburban to the University of Helsinki where Corwin gave a 2 hour presentation about beekeeping in urban areas.

Here is a summary Corwin wrote about the event:

“At the Dept. of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Helsinki on Monday, we had a substantial turnout for the seminar with a very animated discussion  about the ecology of bees in the world.  Prof. Hokkanen was deeply grateful for the exchange of information and expressed deep gratitude for the outreach by the American Embassy.

The Rough Guide to Urban Bee Guardianship at Laituri Hall drew well over 100 people.  Almost every person signed up to be part of an ongoing program for the guardianship of bees in Finland, including mentoring by the Finnish Beekeepers Association—who themselves expressed a new commitment to a more holistic approach to beekeeping.  Many thanked the American Embassy for such a fresh and inspiring program.  They seemed to be surprised by the interest in this part of the community and were impressed by the depth of expertise offered.”

Cody and Bruce Oreck (US ambassador of Finland) with new golden mean hive given as a gift from Backyard Hive to the US embassy in Finland.

This is an excerpt of an email Professor Hokkanen wrote about the beekeeping events and presentation:

“I want to specifically thank you [Cody Oreck], your husband [Bruce Oreck], and your staff for the
exciting past two days with bees and guardians and science and the
excellent spirit surrounding all that … just phenomenal! Many thanks
indeed for bringing Corwin and Karen into Finland, for hosting them,
and for involving me in this. We very much enjoyed their visit at the
University, your friendly and warm reception at the Emabssy, and
indeed, the great lecture/meeting at Laituri yesterday!!”


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