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How to Treat a Bee Sting

While working with honeybees there is always the rare occasion of getting stung. Being stung can be very healing for the body and it is also important to know how to treat stings to minimize pain and swelling for you or the people around you. Continue reading


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Bee Classes in Carbondale and Paonia

Check out our 2012 Colorado beekeeping classes at

Corwin and I went down to Carbondale and Paonia a few weekends ago to teach a few beginning and then intermediate beekeeping classes down there. It was so awesome to see how excited everyone is about honeybees! By the end of each class, almost everyone wanted to build or buy a hive and start an adventure into beeguardianship. It was so much fun to hear different people’s stories as they came over to chat during breaks asking all sorts of different questions about bees.

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Busy as Bees

Well I guess it starts to show that I’m busy when I don’t stick to the posting schedule. Lots going on in the bee world these days! Between classes, swarms and hives, it’s been a super busy spring.

More updates to come soon!!

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“A swarm at night is a swarm catchers fright”

Swarming season is sure bursting with bees! In the last week there have been over 20 or so swarm calls from all over the Boulder/ Denver area. The highlight of my swarming adventures so far was a nighttime swarm call I got last night at about 8:30 pm  from a family of closet bee guardians who have watched over the honeybees in their Silver Maple tree for over 4 years. Night was just settling in as I got the call. Here are some notes I wrote shortly after I got home at 10:30 pm: Continue reading

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A swarm of honeybees

Just the other day I was out catching swarms and for the first time I saw the full on swarming activity. It was simply awe-some in every sense of the word! I got a call on the swarm hotline number, goggled the location and within an hour or two I met up with a fellow beeguardian/beekeeper who saw a swarm of bees swarm into a tree way up within a few blocks of his house. We walked over to the swarm tree together and he pointed the swarm out to me. It was a massive swarm… probably basketball sized all clumped up in a ball about 40′ up out on a limb of a very tall pine tree. Continue reading

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Save the Dandelions in the City of Boulder!

I just got home from an event at the Boulder courthouse on pearl street where about 100 people gathered to protest the spraying of dandelions on city and park property. It was a great event with many kids going up to speak about the importance of dandelions and chemical free lawns. My first thought upon hearing about the city killing the dandelions was: “what about the bees? My hives are right near open space and city property?! They need those flowers!!” I wrote a letter about what I would say on the importance of dandelions for the honeybees so that if I did pluck up my courage and become so inclined to speak at this event, I’d be all set. Sure enough, I decided to read my letter to the crowd with much praise and excitement afterword for bringing up the impact pesticides have on the local bees. Continue reading


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Installing a Swarm Fetcher

The Swarm Fetchers are in!!

These newly designed swarm fetchers have three uses:

1) They are designed to be placed in trees to attract a swarm of bees into them by the queen pheromone placed in the middle. After placing them in a tree, you will know when a swarm has found it when you see activity out near the entrance. Plus, with the 5 golden mean top bars that lay across the top of the box, you don’t have to check on them so often because the bees will start building comb on the bars and as the bars are normal golden mean top bars, you can easily exchange the top bars with the empty ones in your hive for easy installation without the usual furry of bee activity and confusion as they adjust to a new place. Continue reading


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