Black Bees in Boulder ~ spotted by a bee guardian

Just this last week, Anggie one of the local beeguardians saw a black bee fly into her house to pollinate her geraniam plants. It looks pretty dark to me! How cool would it be if this was a real Apis mellifera mellifera living in Boulder!?! The search for black honey bees continues….

Here are the photos she took of this little black bee:




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10 responses to “Black Bees in Boulder ~ spotted by a bee guardian

  1. I believe we had one here as well! I took a pic and I can send it to you…we are in Western North Carolina. Our neighbor is a bee keeper. He lost 3/4 of his hives this past Winter (which was a real doozy). He is now down to 6 hives (from a little over 20). We haven’t seen but a handful of girls here (we live on a mountain); usually we have swarms all Summer long. We have two large top-bars that currently stand empty. Very sad. But we had some honey left over in comb and set it out for them last week. I got shots of an all black girl. Is this normal for our area?

    Loving your posts,

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    That is so cool you saw some black bees in North Carolina! Yes, that would be great if you could send the pic and I could definitely post it on the blog too if you’re okay with that. I think these black bees are pretty rare but they also seem to be popping up in all sorts of unlikely places.

    What a bummer about your neighbor’s hives! does he know why they died? Are they in Langstroth hives? Maybe you can put a swarm into one of your top bar hives and then you’re hives will have life in them again….

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Claire!

    Here is a pic. This is from my Facebook page…I hope you can see. I believe the harsh winter was to blame for the loss of bees. Yes, they are in Langstroth boxes. We’ve been able to catch swarms on our property for two years but this year does not look promising. I’ll keep you posted!

    Thanks and keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Hi,
    I was going through my picture of flowers in my Arvada garden which contain a lot of honeybees as well as native pollinators and noticed a couple that looked to me a lot like very dark or mostly black honeybees.

    The images of these bees, along with many regular looking honeybees can be seen in my most recent blog post which is posted as my website above, or here:


    Are these some native bee that’s the same size and shape as a honeybee, or are they just a dark variation of the honeybee?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      These look like Honeybees that may carry some of the European dark bee genetics. That is awesome! Have you noticed if they act differently at all from the normal honeybees around your garden?

      Thanks for posting that!

  5. I posted a picture of a black or dark honey bee on my blog …Is this the “black” honeybee you are looking for?

    • Great blog! I love the concept of showing the incredible wildlife and insect life around us. I didn’t see the black bee photo you mentioned… is there a specific spot I can look for it?

  6. beeguardian In March I posted a picture of a very dark or black bee.

    You can copy and paste this link or go to my blog ..then check under March. “Orange Blossoms in the Hammock”.

  7. Deb Wormsbacher

    My Carnolian honey bees look like your black bees – I have Italian workers and a Carnie queen so my new bees are dark grey/black Carnolians and you can really spot them among the “golden” girls!

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