Transferring a top bar nuc into a hive

For the intermediate class, Corwin and I demoed transferring a top bar nuc into a normal golden mean hive. Everything went smoothly and I’m really excited to have another hive of honeybees! The weather was perfect at about 75 F with just the right amount of sun!

Here we are feeling the bees’ energy level and putting two spacers under the 12 top bars so that we’d be able to move it all in one go.

Moving the whole colony at once. What beautiful while combs they built just after one week in the nuc! (I collected them from a really large swarm).

Here we are taking out the spacers and closing up the hive.

These are photos of Corwin herding the bees up into the new hive. It was such a smooth transfer that the only bees who realized what happened were in the nuc box and were all fanning like mad. Meanwhile, the bees in the hive on their bars and comb  weren’t phased by the transfer so they had no need to fan and let the other bees in the now empty nuc know where they were.

(all photos in this post courtesy of Angie Giustina)


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One response to “Transferring a top bar nuc into a hive

  1. Jay

    I might try this if I can find a helper. Thanks for the great idea.

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