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Black Bees in Boulder ~ spotted by a bee guardian

Just this last week, Anggie one of the local beeguardians saw a black bee fly into her house to pollinate her geraniam plants. It looks pretty dark to me! How cool would it be if this was a real Apis mellifera mellifera living in Boulder!?! The search for black honey bees continues…. Continue reading



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Quest for the Black bees

This is something Karen wrote about Corwin and her adventures with the black bees of Finland:

The Quest for the Black Bees

(Written By Karen Sendenwater)

Cody Oreck from the US Embassy in Finland set us up with the Bee Adviser to Finland, Ari Seppala. While telling us about beekeepers in the arctic circle,  Ari also mentioned that Finland had black bees. BLack bees, we had heard so little about black bees. Why were the so important in Finland? Finland beekeepers use black bees because of their ability to survive the very cold and long winters there. Black bee colonies brood up slower and more cautiously then other colonies and they are able to keep a small brood nest going into winter helping the colony survive. Continue reading


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