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Bee Guardian Presentation by

The Bee Guardians from present at
Boulder’s local food restaurant, Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place!


Come join us and learn what is really going on with the state of the honeybee and how you can help be part of the solution! Eating organic food, understanding pesticide use on lawns and gardens, saving honeybee genetics by calling your local bee guardian if you see a swarm this spring… this is all a part of the solution. Come and learn more and meet some local bee guardians!

Corwin Bell from  has been working naturally and holistically with honeybees for over 17 years. He has taught numerous classes and given presentations all over the world. One focus for Corwin is to continually design non-traditional bee hives that nurture and respect the honeybee. These hives are non-invasive and encourage a symbiotic experience for the bee and the bee guardian.  Check out his current designs.

Be Part of the Mission
Our mission at is to educate people about the importance of improving bee ecology and using beekeeping methods that respect the honeybee. Our hope is that by introducing new hobby beekeepers to the rewards of beekeeping that there will eventually be backyard beekeepers worldwide that will help bring back the feral bee population and improve the genetic diversity of the honeybees. This diversity is critically important to the survival of this most precious natural resource. Come join over 600 bee guardians from the front range and Colorado in this mission!

To make the connection with bees, pollination and local organic food we chose Boulder’s  Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place. The perfect fit! They serve organic local food from local farms and their food is fantastically healthy! Come and enjoy some eats from their local food menu.
Shine Restaurant’s Menu

Date:  Tuesday February 5, 2013
Time: 6-8pm
Location: 2027 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Directions to Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place
Parking: Metered Street Parking or 11th & Spruce Parking Garage
Admission: $5 (Proceeds go to swarm dispatch 2013)

Learn more

Natural Bee Guardianship Classes at
See our video and mission at

Any questions, email karen (at)

See you soon!


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Swarm Season 2011!

The smells of spring are wafting in, dandelions and trees are flowering, the days are getting longer and the bees are buzzing. The honeybee colonies that did well over the winter are flying about in search of early nectar and pollen while deciding that it’s time to spread some of their genes off into the world in the form of swarms. The old queen prepares to swarm just when things are barely getting going again in the spring and she lays an egg in a special cell designed for a future queen bee. The old queen takes off with part of the colony just when the new queen is about to come out of her cell. The rest of the colony stays in the hive with the new queen who shortly thereafter goes on a mating flight and begins her life as the new egg-layer while the old queen and group of workers head off in search of a new home. This process is called swarming and usually happens in the first few months of spring, roughly end of April- early June in Colorado.

When bees first swarm they usually collect on a branch or bush to recollect while sending out scouts to search for a new hive. This is a great time to hive a new colony because in addition to having a stronger genetic knowledge of the area (having overwintered in the local area) through the swarming process, they are also determined to find a new home and are on a mission to build up a new hive starting from scratch.

~~~ BackYardHive Offers Free Honeybee Swarm Removal~~

Swarm season is over for 2015

If you have bees in a structure
(soffit of your house, hollow pillar, attic,or anywhere else)
and you want these bees removed
we don’t do this service

If you see a swarm please call
Bee Swarm Hotline



For more info follow this link to the BackYardHive website Read More….


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“A swarm at night is a swarm catchers fright”

Swarming season is sure bursting with bees! In the last week there have been over 20 or so swarm calls from all over the Boulder/ Denver area. The highlight of my swarming adventures so far was a nighttime swarm call I got last night at about 8:30 pm  from a family of closet bee guardians who have watched over the honeybees in their Silver Maple tree for over 4 years. Night was just settling in as I got the call. Here are some notes I wrote shortly after I got home at 10:30 pm: Continue reading

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A swarm of honeybees

Just the other day I was out catching swarms and for the first time I saw the full on swarming activity. It was simply awe-some in every sense of the word! I got a call on the swarm hotline number, goggled the location and within an hour or two I met up with a fellow beeguardian/beekeeper who saw a swarm of bees swarm into a tree way up within a few blocks of his house. We walked over to the swarm tree together and he pointed the swarm out to me. It was a massive swarm… probably basketball sized all clumped up in a ball about 40′ up out on a limb of a very tall pine tree. Continue reading

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Installing a Swarm Fetcher

The Swarm Fetchers are in!!

These newly designed swarm fetchers have three uses:

1) They are designed to be placed in trees to attract a swarm of bees into them by the queen pheromone placed in the middle. After placing them in a tree, you will know when a swarm has found it when you see activity out near the entrance. Plus, with the 5 golden mean top bars that lay across the top of the box, you don’t have to check on them so often because the bees will start building comb on the bars and as the bars are normal golden mean top bars, you can easily exchange the top bars with the empty ones in your hive for easy installation without the usual furry of bee activity and confusion as they adjust to a new place. Continue reading


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Swarming season has begun!!

April, 21 2010

Earlier today as I was leaving a message for Amy, a fellow bee person, about us not doing hive stuff as planned today because of the weather, I noticed a swarm of bees right outside of one of my hives!!  Continue reading


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