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Bee Guardian Presentation by BackYardHive.com

The Bee Guardians from BackYardHive.com present at
Boulder’s local food restaurant, Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place!


Come join us and learn what is really going on with the state of the honeybee and how you can help be part of the solution! Eating organic food, understanding pesticide use on lawns and gardens, saving honeybee genetics by calling your local bee guardian if you see a swarm this spring… this is all a part of the solution. Come and learn more and meet some local bee guardians!

Corwin Bell from BackYardHive.com  has been working naturally and holistically with honeybees for over 17 years. He has taught numerous classes and given presentations all over the world. One focus for Corwin is to continually design non-traditional bee hives that nurture and respect the honeybee. These hives are non-invasive and encourage a symbiotic experience for the bee and the bee guardian.  Check out his current designs.

Be Part of the Mission
Our mission at BackYardHive.com is to educate people about the importance of improving bee ecology and using beekeeping methods that respect the honeybee. Our hope is that by introducing new hobby beekeepers to the rewards of beekeeping that there will eventually be backyard beekeepers worldwide that will help bring back the feral bee population and improve the genetic diversity of the honeybees. This diversity is critically important to the survival of this most precious natural resource. Come join over 600 bee guardians from the front range and Colorado in this mission!

To make the connection with bees, pollination and local organic food we chose Boulder’s  Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place. The perfect fit! They serve organic local food from local farms and their food is fantastically healthy! Come and enjoy some eats from their local food menu.
Shine Restaurant’s Menu

Date:  Tuesday February 5, 2013
Time: 6-8pm
Location: 2027 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Directions to Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place
Parking: Metered Street Parking or 11th & Spruce Parking Garage
Admission: $5 (Proceeds go to swarm dispatch 2013)

Learn more

Natural Bee Guardianship Classes at BackYardHive.com
See our video and mission at BackYardHive.com

Any questions, email karen (at) backyardhive.com

See you soon!


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On a Mission for the honeybees in Finland

After a very long journey through much of northern Europe, Karen and Corwin arrived in Finland today to speak about bees and the Backyard hive model for working with honeybees at the US Embassy and the University of Helsinki.

With the northern Europe air space closed due to the Volcano in Iceland and the trains and subways overflowing, they are using one of the last options avaiable to them to get to Finland: They are driving and taking a ferry ride across a channel of the North Atlantic Ocean! Continue reading

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Organic Beekeeping Conference 2010 Oracle, AZ

March 24th 2010

By Claire Anderson

Honey bee on Lavender flower Comb lifting out of golden mean hive

After a spectacular flight over the snowcapped rocky mountains, Corwin and I arrived in Oracle AZ for the 3rd input-free/ organic beekeeping conference organized by Dee Lusby who is a long time bee advocate with about 400 hives in the mountains of Arizona which she manages using homemade small cell foundation in a chemical and input free way.

It was a really great conference with all sorts of beekeepers all of whom came on totally different paths to where we met at the Organic beekeeping conference in a remote town north of Tucson.

As we got to know the different beekeepers from all over the country, I was really struck by how everyone, no matter what type of hives they use, was in the innovation and design mode of how to work with the bees in the most natural and harmonious way possible while still getting what they need out of it; whether that be financial security or just a desire to learn from these little creatures.

During breaks and while eating together we talked to all sorts of interesting people ranging from top bar folks with over 200 hives to hobby beekeepers and I remember having a great conversation with a woman who has pollination hives in the Okanagan valley of BC Canada.

Corwin at Organic beekeeping conference Sam Comfort at Organic beekeeping conference

While all of the presentations were really interesting, I especially enjoyed Sam Comfort’s presentation about his story of walking on the heels of commercial beekeepers and through horrendous experiences of putting chemicals into the hives and watching as thousands of mites coated the sides of the hives falling to the floor in droves and later opening up the hives only to find that mites built up a resistance to the deadly chemicals and watching in horror as they crawled all over the hives and even over the chemical strip that was intended to kill them. After many other experiences of this sort as well as experiences of trucking bees all over the country, Sam came to the realization that this traditional approach to commercial beekeeping isn’t working. This realization led him on a quest to start his own apiary where he now helps community members get involved with protecting the bees through backyard beekeeping using top bar hives. Sam’s work seems to be totally in line with what Backyard Hive is doing and it was incredibly inspiring to hear about someone else all the way from New York who is using the same sort of basic principals and approach to working with honeybees in a respectful, caring and natural way that supports both the beekeeper and honeybee as a united team working together for the betterment of the earth.

Over the next few days we listened to several other really interesting presentations including a great presentation Corwin gave about the story of Backyard hive. We also learned about the microbs in the hive, the true value of honey and the importance of honeybees swarming and learning to flourish in their local environments by utilizing the unique traits necessary for survival.

Lemon Balm hive View

Read More about the Organic Beekeeping Conference…

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