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Black Bees in Boulder ~ spotted by a bee guardian

Just this last week, Anggie one of the local beeguardians saw a black bee fly into her house to pollinate her geraniam plants. It looks pretty dark to me! How cool would it be if this was a real Apis mellifera mellifera living in Boulder!?! The search for black honey bees continues…. Continue reading



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Installing a Super Duper

I just installed the very first super duper to my hive! It seems like it’ll work really well. My bees have been flourishing for the past 3 years and they’ve filled up the hive so quickly that I’ve always wanted to give them the option of a little extra space. Continue reading


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Bee Classes in Carbondale and Paonia

Check out our 2012 Colorado beekeeping classes at BackYardHive.com

Corwin and I went down to Carbondale and Paonia a few weekends ago to teach a few beginning and then intermediate beekeeping classes down there. It was so awesome to see how excited everyone is about honeybees! By the end of each class, almost everyone wanted to build or buy a hive and start an adventure into beeguardianship. It was so much fun to hear different people’s stories as they came over to chat during breaks asking all sorts of different questions about bees.

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Busy as Bees

Well I guess it starts to show that I’m busy when I don’t stick to the posting schedule. Lots going on in the bee world these days! Between classes, swarms and hives, it’s been a super busy spring.

More updates to come soon!!

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Spring Cleaning in a Top Bar Hive

Claire with hive

As spring is in full swing and we see a growing nectar flow in the Boulder area, it’s that time of year to start thinking about spring cleaning in the hives. In the next few weeks is the time to harvest most of the overwintered honey, nectar and pollen and open up the brood nest for the queen to lay by putting a couple empty top bars in between the honey stores and brood nest so that the queen will know about and utilize the empty space in the hive for laying brood and building up honey stores while the nectar flow is strong. Continue reading


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